Earby Community Association  

Adult  Luncheon  Club

The club welcomes new members.

Friday  Luncheon  Club

The food is cooked from scratch, and is of good quality,  and as far as possible all the food is sourced locally.

Come along and meet friends old and new.

2 course (hot) lunch, with tea or coffee.

Only £6.00

Fresh & local food




Earby Community Centre

The New Luncheon Club

It’s official, thanks to Jess and Claire from    “ JUST ASK JESS “

the New Friday Luncheon Club is now up and running.

Jess and the kitchen were inspected on  October 1st , and I am very pleased to let you know they have been awarded a FOOD HYGIENE RATING of 5.

   Well done girls.

You would love to come but don’t have transport. You can be collected by the community minibus at a small extra charge.

The minibus collects from:

Barnoldswick, Salterforth, Kelbrook & Earby.

The minibus has a wheel chair lift, and the centre has a ramp entrance.

To book your place on the minibus call: 07906977954


Friday 6th. November,

Cumberland sausage rings,

Yorkshire pudding, roast winter vegetables, complete with all the trimmings

Followed by:

sponge pudding loaded with our home made caramel sauce and


Cup of tea or coffee.

ALL for just £6

Friday 16th. October. Husband and I went along to the New luncheon club to meet Jess and Claire and see first hand what their “ Mouthwatering Roast Chicken “ was like.

We shared a table with Betty, who lives in Earby and close enough to walk round to the centre. Betty said she is 85. ( Sorry Betty, I don’t believe you.) No way is Betty 85, I think she is just saying that to get a free tv licence.

 Also on our table was Francis, he said he is 84 and also lives in Earby,personally I think this is another telling me porkpies about their age, OR could there be something in the water in Earby. Not one of the lovely ladies and gentlemen I meet on Friday looked their age.

(Note to self, take sample of Earby corporation pop, have it analysed, it just may have the answer to eternal youth .)

Sorry I digress.

The taste test, I asked various people what score would they give today’s meal, out of 10.

Betty said 9 ½,

Francis said ,     “I don’t like peas but I will still give it 9 9/10th. “

Hilda said ,     “ can I say 7 ! “  Hilda has been watching far too much Strictly come dancing.

Marian    ( Dot to her friends) 8.

Lillian    ( soon to be 90 ) gave it an 8.

The table of ladies that were too shy to give their names, all gave the lunch 8s and 9s.

My husband had seconds, and I had to give him a quick kick under the table to stop him licking his plate.

Ladies that lunch, from left to right:

Lillian, Dot, and Hilda.

The very nice plant was Hilda’s raffle prize, she also gets a free lunch next week.

Will we be going back for lunch next Friday, you bet, and I hope to get more photos of the Lovely Ladies That Lunch.

Sue Wood.


Friday 23rd Oct.  ROAST GAMMON

Friday 23rd. October was Roast Gammon, and all the trimmings.

For those of you that haven’t been to the Luncheon Club, take a look at the photo on the right.

That is a photo I took of the food that was served up, tasty or what. Check out those Yorkshire puddings, NO! Not frozen, fresh made.

This is Helen, her role this week was:

“ Gammon Taste Tester “

By the look on her face, I would say the gammon was very tasty.

It’s best to come nice and early to the club, then you have time to meet and chat to the diners, because once the food has been served it’s eyes down and tuck in.

The lady to the left is Dot, she has been coming to the lunch club for 20 years.  She was telling me that the lunch club was first started by a local doctor, then  Mavis and Ron Tindle took over, then  Malcolm King,  followed by Rosemary Biggin..  

( Rosemary moved to Scotland this summer, I wonder if she is cooking haggis now ).

Dot said,  “ Everyone has cooked traditional meals, and that’s what. I like. “

Last week Betty scored the meal 9 1/2.

Francis gave a score of 9 9/10th.

I am please to report this week they both gave a score of 10 ! out of 10.

You can’t get better than that. Well done Jess and Claire, I think it must be those  perfectly cooked Yorkshire puddings.

Meet the lovely Margret.

Have you heard of the Rose of Tralee.  Well Maggie is one of the petals that blew away from Tralee.

Maggie was a winner of last weeks raffle, so her dinner was free this week. She said it was a beautiful meal, and gave it a score of 10.

Don’t tell, but she had seconds of that lovely creamy mash potato.  Well she is still an Irish lass at heart.

These ladies were too shy to give their names, but they all gave the meal a 10 !

And I can see another raffle winner.

The Luncheon Club has an army of volunteers. The photo on the left is this weeks volunteers.

From left to right:

Helen, Sarah, Sue and Christine.

The lunch club would not be possible with out the help of the volunteers.

So it’s a VERY BIG THANK YOU ladies for all the help.

This weeks cakes that were on sale:

Home made Fruity Flapjacks  and Fudge Cake.

Very yummy !!!


Friday October 30th.

Todays lunch was Roast pork steak, Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes, and vegetables.

Pudding, jam sponge and custard.

Just look at those roast potatoes and Yorkshire puddings, all freshly cooked this morning.

If that's not's  SCRUMPTIOUS & DELICIOUS !!!

For those that like their, dessert / sweet / pudding / after's,  what ever you like to call it.

Just look at that soft fluffy strawberry sponge, it’s just waiting to be smothered in hot smooth custard.

This lunch club is not for those that are on a diet.

It’s for those that enjoy healthy and nutritional food.

I lost count how many different types of vegetables that were on my plate.  I don’t eat meat, ( but that’s just my personal view .)

Jess made me the most delicious vegetable tart,  leeks, new potatoes and cheese, and the pastry was so thin ( no soggy bottom ).

Sorry no photo of the tart,  but I can tell you it was lips smackingly good.

Thanks Jess.

Rita is 84 and comes from Kelbrook.

When I asked her what she thought of the dinners, she said.

“ I give them 10 out of 10, and 100%, and the girls that cook the dinners are very nice.”

Sylvia has been coming to the lunch club for about 12 months now.

 The dinners Sylvia,

 “ 10 out of 10, all very good and tasty and there's always plenty on the plate.”

Sylvia has won the raffle this week, which means she gets a free meal next week, and I'm told that's the second time she has won the raffle,  well done Sylvia.

This is Sarah and Mark, they help out at the lunch club every week. Mark sets up all the tables and chairs and helps with the washing up after.


Just a reminder the Friday lunch club is open to anyone that is 50 and over.

You can be collected by minibus from, Barnoldswick, Salterforth, Kelbrook or Eaby, at a small charge. The minibus has wheel chair lift.

To book the minibus call Doris on: 07906977954.

Dinner, pudding and tea or coffee ( plus raffle ticket ) is only £6.

So why not treat a family member or a friend next week.