Earby Community Association  


Come along to the camera club and let us help you to develop a new hobby..

We meet every Tuesday evening from 7.00pm. until 9.00pm..

So whether you are experienced or a novice why not give it a try.

Annual Membership fee  £5.

Weekly attendance fee    £2.

Officials of the club:

President:            Anita Nash                anitajn@btinternet.com            

Vice President:    Jack Parsons             jackparsons2009@hotmail.co.uk

Secretary:            Pam Haworth            

Treasurer:           Walter Nuttall


For syllabus and details of the camera clubs activities, ( and some amazing photos ),

          Click on the camera.

 The club welcomes new members.

 Please feel free to turn up to any of our meetings.

Link to camera club website